Hello! Welcome to HappilyTania. Our online magazine wants to help you achieve domestic bliss, whether that’s in finding the experts who can advise on creating the most loving relationships or in making your home the ultimate haven from the baying world without.

HappilyTania was born out of a desire to turn the gaze upon the comfort and joy you get in the domestic sphere. That feeling of wellness you have when there is the luxury of a two day weekend yawning ahead of you full of possibility and pottering.

Make the perfect cocktail. Cook nourishing meals. Connect with your loved ones. Dive into some seriously good home entertainment. Or just lie until you‘re ready to get up in the morning, stretching out and wriggling your toes beneath pristine, laundered sheets and a comfy duvet.

Some ethics (since we could all do with more of those in these days): 

  1. Sometimes we get sent free stuff. If that free stuff is thoroughly crap – tastes like sadness, breaks on removal from box – we will not cover it. Why waste time on rubbish? If it is awesome and makes life better, we will tell you why we’d have spent our hard-earned coins on it, but also make clear that it was sent for free. We’ll tell you explicitly so you know that the review must be taken in the spirit of it being a freebie and decide for yourself how much harsher we’d have been if we’d forked out for it.
  2. If we’re paid to do something, such as brand ambassadorship or a brand partnership, it will be clearly marked as ‘BRAND PARTNERSHIP’ – what this means is that we’ve been given product for free (see point 1 above) and also a sweetener on top to ensure we can pay our electricity bill and rent.

A note on freelance contributions: Please don’t pitch us at the moment as we’re currently not commissioning. The second that changes, we will update this page with our contributor guidelines.

If you’re a PR or brand wanting to work with us, please email advertising@happilytania.com for our media pack or email editorial@happilytania.com to send us releases.