Bingeing en route

Binge watching boxsets en route to work may make the morning commute more bearable, but there are plenty of annoyances with this activity as Netflix has discovered.

Recent research from the Monarchs of the Boxset, Netflix, has found that nearly half of Brits (46%) binge watch in public. However, this form of entertainment that’s usually confined to the home, comes with its own problems. People breathing down your neck as they watch over your shoulder, accidentally ‘eaves-watching’ a spoiler on your favourite show and people wanting to talk, yes, TALK, to you about what you’re watching being the main irritants.

Here’s the full debrief (because how can you enjoy your day without some vital stats about this – don’t lie, you know you care or you wouldn’t pick up that copy of Metro):

  • 44% of Brits get annoyed by nosey onlookers and 20% physically move to avoid series snoopers
  • Among Brits, the North West is home to the nosiest commuters with over two thirds (39%) admitting to bingeing over someone’s shoulder
  • 14% of people accidentally discover show spoilers through ‘eaves-watching’
  • Surprisingly, it is no longer taboo to talk to strangers with over a quarter (26%) of public bingers having their show or movie interrupted by a fellow passenger to start a conversation about what they’re watching.

It seems we’re a bit of a ‘Just Say No’ generation as we find scenes involving drugs more inappropriate (62%) than those involving torture (53%) – really? WTVF, people? Drug use is more offensive than torture? Who did you ask in this survey, Netflix? I mean, really…

Also no sex please, we’re British commuters. More than half (51%) thought it wasn’t on to watch sex scenes in public. Naturally lads are more shameless than lasses as 56% of women are embarrassed by sex scenes while only 41% of men would blush at watching them publicly.

Some more stats because it’s too early to do any analysis and you’ve disappointed me too much with your answers, Britain (I mean TORTURE…):

  • With almost half (45%) of UK viewers laughing out loud when watching our favourite series and films, while 10% of Netflix members let go and allow themselves to have a good cry al fresco
  • In the West Midlands, Yorkshire and the South West, on-the-go watchers are more likely to laugh over any other region (47%)
  • On the other hand, nearly a quarter (21%) of Londoners emotionally invest in their characters by shedding a tear in public
  • However, social awkwardness hasn’t totally disappeared, as over a million of Londoners (12%) have felt embarrassed by public viewing, and 11% have stopped a rather risqué show (thank heavens, you have some shame, you sick puppies)

Average commuting time in England is now an hour and one in seven spend as much as two hours travelling to work each day, given the importance of maintaining privacy – even if only imagined – it is hardly a surprise that commuters are trying to bring a little bit of home with them on their journeys into work.

Stay tuned for some boxset recommendations next week.