From Japan with Love

Forget cards or flowers, we want snacks! Bokksu allows you to discover Japan through snacks and to get a monthly snack box unlike any other…

The emoji we use the most here at HappilyTania is the heart-eye emoji as what is life without love and it perfectly expresses that feeling of “Oh my gosh, how adorable is that?!?” so when we got sent a box of Japanese snacks to review, the first thing we went to were the heart-shaped rice crackers. Here they are doubling up as props to show Gary’s feelings about Bokksu.

Gary goes heart-eyed over Japanese snacks

Bokksu is the brainchild of Danny Taing, an entrepreneur wanting to showcase snacks from all the different regions of Japan. Those heart-shaped snacks Gary is fetchingly wearing as an eye mask, for example, are called Senbei and are deliciously flavoured with soy sauce and honey. A perfect accompaniment to beer and chilling in front of the telly.

There are plenty of other snacks here too – from tasty chocolate-filled fish from Aichi Prefecture to a strawberry tiramisu kit-kat from Hyogo Prefecture – everything is a revelation in taste and texture. A packet of Cubie from Tokyo freaked our tester out with their solid chocolate squares. “It’s like eating the future!” she said, with joy.

The arrival of the snacks is an exciting thing too as the whole lot is beautifully packed in a box that is handy for a spot of Marie Kondo-ing after you’ve eaten everything in there. Their March box is Spring Picnic themed so do get in there with a subscription. Here’s the link.