Go-to vegan beauty products

We all love quality beauty products and it’s even better knowing that they not only deliver on quality but are also cruelty free and vegan which makes using them feel that little bit nicer and guilt-free. Here, Pawan Ahsan discovered some lovely little gems that could become your go-to products.

Tin Feather Lip Oil Tints
Lip oil tints are all the rage at the moment and achieving sultry, voluptuous lips seems to be a goal for most of us. I’m not fond of thick heavy lip gloss, especially during the summer months when it’s humid and you just want less on your face, so this new Tin Feather Lip Oil Tint is perfect for a hint of colour without full pigmentation. It’s light in texture and can be applied directly onto your lips or over your favourite lipstick. The natural and organic ingredients, with rich butters, oils and waxes just melt onto the lips, leaving a subtle hint of colour and keeping them soft and moisturised without too much sheen. This is definitely a new favourite of mine and now my summertime essential. There are five gorgeous tints in the line, all £13.50 and handmade, whether you’re after a ‘Rebel’ look or a ‘Renaissance’, there’s one to suit every mood.

Olverum Bath Oil
A long stressful day or even week, can make you feel sluggish, worn-out and over-exposed to air pollution and too much noise and with too many demands on your body and mind. I find comfort in making some me-time and soaking my cares away in a soothing warm bath. Fortunately, our climate in the UK means that, even after a rare scorching hot day, the nights are still cold enough to indulge in a bath. (Although, of course, conserving water means it should be an occasional treat rather than a daily ritual – Spoilsport Eco Ed) This beautifully aromatic Olverum Bath Oil is a highly concentrated combination of 10 pure essential oils that work together to relieve stress, promote relaxation and enable a good night’s sleep. It also eases aching muscles and joint pain, as well as rebalancing dry skin. The scent is divine and reminiscent of aromatherapy rooms, a few drops (5ml) in your bath and you’ve created your very own spa, all in the comfort of your own bathtub! My skin felt soft, nourished and thoroughly pampered. It’s price ranges from £19 for a travel set (enough for 9 baths), £29 for 125ml (enough for 25 baths) and £53 for 250ml (enough for 50 baths). Available at Liberty, Conran, Harvey Nichols and Fenwick.

Cienna Rose Nail Lacquers
With the growing demand for non-toxic nail products, UK-based and vegan, Cienna Rose have managed to create a 12- free (non-toxic count) in their floral inspired polishes. The formula contains pro vitamin B5, vitamin E and is infused with lemongrass oil to nourish nails. I’m not very patient when it comes to waiting for polishes to dry but thankfully this dries quite quickly, around 30 minutes with two coats and stays perfect, leaving a gel-like finish for a week with no chipping. There are 27 fun shades to choose from, ranging from vivid and playful to more classic neutrals. All 13ml bottles are elegantly packaged and prices start at £9.

So Eco Make Up Brushes
We all know that finding the right cosmetics for your skin type or for that particular look that you want to achieve can be somewhat of a minefield, with so many brands to choose from and all promising flawless results. How you apply those cosmetics is just as important, if not more. Make up blends better and lasts longer if it’s applied with the right tools and technique. Using brushes made of synthetic bristles has its benefits as do natural bristles but most natural bristles are made from animal hair, such as goat or horse hair. So Eco brushes are 100% cruelty free, vegan and all product components are ethically and responsibly sourced, from an ecologically sustainable bamboo handle to recycled aluminium ferrules and taklon synthetic fibre bristles. I tried the stippling brush and the eye duo brush set, which were both super soft and picked up just the right amount of blush and eyeshadow, allowing me to effortlessly blend, highlight and define. These brushes are fantastic quality and the results are flawless. Prices start from £6 and they’re available at Sainsbury’s and various online retailers.

Urban Veda Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish
I always seem to be going on like a broken record about the benefits of exfoliating, whether it be to friends, family, unsuspecting neighbours or you, my dear reader friends. Well I speak the truth, people! Don’t put up with dead skin cells clogging up your pores and making your skin look dull and prone to breakouts. Urban Veda skincare range, which is inspired by the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda, a system that includes using the holistic and therapeutic properties of plants. This exfoliating facial polish combines sandalwood and 13 botanics that restore radiance, help balance elemental damage and clarify the skin. I find that some exfoliating polishes are more cream than scrub and therefore defeat the purpose, but with this polish I noticed the fine grain volcanic pumice that it contains exfoliated brilliantly and left my skin looking refreshed and very smooth. It’s a perfect way to get bright glowing skin for the summer. A range of eight products from the brand are available at selected Boots stores, prices start from £12.99. The price for this Soothing Exfoliating Facial Polish is £13.99.

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