Have an awards ceremony for friends and family

Jamie pulls the correct face when receiving his award - take note, Gwyneth.

Last year our editor was working as editor on the Quality Food Awards and this year she will be chairing spirits judging at the Quality Drink Awards; the experience made her realise the importance of recognition and trophies.

My obsession with awards is not normal. You know how some people hate being the centre of attention and going up on a stage to get an award? Oh my god, am I not like that. I would LOVE to get an Oscar or a Nobel (to be honest, probably more the former as it is more widely watched). They would need to deploy the hooked cane to drag me off stage if anyone ever made the mistake of presenting me with anything… “I’d like to thank my chiropodist for removal of the bunions that enabled me to walk my way to success…”

Tania steals a Q trophy… she’s later tracked down and has it wrestled from her cold, clammy hands.

I figure if I love receiving an award so much, surely friends and family would also be thrilled by it. And so, last year, I presented two friends with trophies and it went pretty well.

I presented a drinking award of a pewter engraved labelled prosecco to the best drinker I know – James T Wells. This is a great idea because not only do you get to share the bottle of booze, but, after it is finished, you have a bottle to put a candle in and enjoy.

It may be a bit of extra trouble to go to for an impromptu present for friends, but the reaction you get is brilliant and, if you don’t drink, there are a number of novelty gift companies that offer more traditional trophies – even mock Oscars.

The second award I presented was to a wonderful pal called Anto who is an electrician and fixed our bathroom light and then drove round to our neighbours and brought me back a bunch of pots for the patio and is generally always there for us, getting his round in, and being an all-round good egg. I’m sure you have people like that in your life too so show your appreciation with a full-on trophy. 

I think I need to organise a proper awards do for this year to really show my appreciation. The great thing about presenting awards is that you’re on stage the whole damn time.