I tell you what you need… you need a mural, Muriel

Tania O’Donnell reveals that she can’t pronounce ‘mural’ and has always called them Muriels so let’s look at whether a muriel can help you jazz up your interior decor.

The husband was the first to switch me on to the possibilities of murals. He’s heavily into hip-hop and graf as part of that scene, and showed me what people had been doing with their walls behind DJ decks. He hasn’t put up anything like that in the HappilyTania office yet, but I’m not sure I’d protest if he did. There are some real beauties out there.

For example, this morning we got news of a collaboration between the chaps at Wallsauce.com (who make many lovely muriels of stuff like birch trees and cityscapes etc) and SpaceFrog designs. SpaceFrog Designs are Katherine and Vernon, another husband and wife team who agree on what looks great (or at least we assume they do or it would take FOREVER to get a collection out).

The collection at Wallsauce.com is designed by Katherine and features textures and colours that are bang on trend. I mean who isn’t turning their home into South American oasis this year? I know we are.

The thing is that wallpaper can be quite fiddly to put up so these murals are perfect as they are made-to-measure and all you need to do is line them up. The company even has peel and stick wallpapers available. Prices start from £30/m² depending on your choice of wallpaper material. Visit SpaceFrog Designs’ collection of wallpaper murals to see the range of designs available in the collaboration.