My routine: Jessica Higgins, entrepreneur

In our new online feature we ask successful women from all walks of life what their everyday routines are. In the first of the series, we speak to culture design expert Jessica Higgins about her daily rhythm.

“As a researcher in culture design, one topic of particular importance is how people can work better toward achieving their goals. Behaviour design expert BJ Fogg of the Stanford Design School is the leading authority on the topic. In my studies under him, he describes the importance of tiny habits,” explains Jessica. “A micro behaviour can lead to a larger chain of events. For example, checking your phone may only take you a moment, but the proceeding 20 minutes you spend on your phone set you back a more significant amount of time. Tiny behaviors are important. Set the right ones, and you set yourself up for success.”  While we may not be able to follow all of Jessica’s routine (alas most of us have to wake up at a certain time for work!), her work with human behaviours certainly means her routine is a good one to pay attention to if you want to model her success.

What time do you wake up?
Whenever my body feels rested.

What’s the first thing you do? 
I make a coffee while listening to a podcast meant to guide my morning thinking, and then work out to get my blood flowing, which improves my day’s productivity.

Do you have electronics such as TV or phones in the bedroom?
Of course! Hiding from the fact that I’m obsessed with my devices would only make things worse.

How does your working day run? Do you work from a home office or go into an office? 
I work wherever feels right to me for the day. The creative mind loves the couch with a laptop. Other times, I need a structured environment to keep me focused. On days full of calls I take them during walks on the beach.

Do you take a lunch? What do you normally have? Do you take a full hour or eat on the go? 
My meals are extremely regimented and routine. I follow the ketogenic diet so every day its eggs for breakfast, chicken and salad for lunch, and for dinner either red meat or fish. The ketogenic diet keeps my brain optimized so I stick to it.

What media do you consume during the day? Do you listen to podcasts, read a paper or go to a news site? Which professional journals/sites do you read? 
The challenge with marketing is to stay relevant and connected to the cultural ether. I listen to podcasts daily, am constantly browsing news, and consuming whatever looks interesting and hits my mailbox as well. One thing I’ve had to remove is world news. It’s depressing.

Do you take work home with you and work evenings or weekends? 
I work 24/7 but it never feels like it. I don’t have a family or children yet, so I assume one day this will change.

What time do you clock off from work? 
Uhhhhhh occasionally when I’m asleep.

What do you do to unwind and relax? 
Hypnosis audios are incredible. I love vitamin IVs, the sauna, cryotherapy, and of course a good glass of tequila and stimulating conversation with someone who can inspire me.

What time do you usually go to bed? 
Whenever my body craves sleep. This can range from 8pm to 3am depending on how connected I am with my work at any given moment, and how rested my body is.

Jessica is a public speaker, researcher, strategist and marketing communications professional who holds executive and board advisory positions in organisations in technology, consulting and the arts. She was named a Breakthrough Female Founder of 2017 by Thrive Global. Her work in designing and spreading organisational cultures has spanned Fortune 100 companies, institutions of higher educations and the banking industry. Visit for more information on her work.