Neptune rum for a festive Old Fashioned

We love the idea of a rum born from a dream. Founder Richard Davies dreamt of a sailor waking up after a violent storm to see the sun breaking through the clouds and Neptune, god of the seas, ensuring he was safely ashore with a bottle of Neptune Rum lying next to him in the sand. He saw the name and the shape of the bottle and set about making it happen.

He literally made his dream come true (certainly with regards to the bottle he saw; we’re assuming he’s not been shipwrecked and met Neptune himself) and the resulting rum is so good that it has been the ‘world’s most awarded rum of 2018‘. It won the Best British Rum Brand of 2018 in The Golden Rum Barrel Awards and the Barbados Rum of the Year 2018. A double gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a Masters in the 2018 Spirits Business Awards.

When our founder Tania O’Donnell went to the launch of the rum in London, she found out from Chay Watkins, the brand director for Neptune, that it is made at Foursquare distillery, one of the most prestigious rum distilleries in the world. It is the result of a secret proprietary process of cold filtration and the addition of a soft spring water. The end product is lovely to drink both neat and in cocktails.

When you’re getting ready to host your Crimbo parties, do add a bottle to your bar and try it in the following cocktails. While an Old Fashioned is traditionally made with bourbon, this recipe replaces it with Neptune rum. Then, if you’re not one for vodka, you can also try it in this espresso martini. Two cocktails perfect to get your guests in the mood to party.

The Neptune Old Fashioned
60ml Neptune rum
5ml sugar syrup
1 dash walnut bitters
2 dashes orange bitters
Orange twist

Mix the rum and sugar syrup, add the bitters and stir vigorously. Strain over ice. Garnish with an orange twist and that Christmas favourite, a maraschino cherry.

The Neptune Espresso Martini
30ml Neptune rum
20ml St George Nola Coffee Liqueur
25ml espresso
10ml Pedro Ximenez sherry
Dusted with nutmeg

Mix the ingredients together, add ice and shake. Strain into a chilled martini glass and lightly dust the foam cap with freshly grated nutmeg.

Happy drinking!