On Chesil Beach or in the bathroom

On Friday 18 May the film of Ian McEwan’s On Chesil Beach novel is released so we’re using that as a tenuous link to talk about a hand wash we really like.

Have you read On Chesil Beach? It’s a beautiful novel, even if you do want to shake the protagonists at times. I hear they have changed the ending for the film, perhaps to give a neater conclusion to the events in the book. Personally I think the book’s story was perfect as it stood.

I also enjoyed the book because I’ve been to Chesil Beach and Mr McEwan writes it so very accurately. I went to Portland a number of years for a tiara-making workshop (the way you do) and loved the area so much, I purchased a CD of the waves breaking on Chesil Beach shingle. For many years I’d listen to that CD in order to get to sleep. Unfortunately I misplaced it in a move so hadn’t had anything to evoke that gorgeous scenery for some time.

No longer a problem since Landon Tyler launched their handwash sets. There are three fragrances in the range – Country Meadow, Citrus Grove and Chesil Beach – can you guess which I wanted in our bathroom? We were kindly sent the Chesil Beach set to review.

The really odd thing is that they seem to have taken the essence of that beach and put it into the fragrance of the handwash and lotion. There is a sort of fresh, sea-air scent; you can almost hear the gulls every time you wash your hands. Not sure what witchcraft was used to make that happen but the scent incorporates lavender, bergamot and spice.

It also got me using a hand lotion for the first time ever (I usually find them too greasy, but this was easily absorbed and gently fragranced).

The set is gift packed and priced at £12 – a really lovely way to bring the sea into your home daily.

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