Redecorating Weekend Special: Friday Inspiration for dining at home

Over the next three days, we’ll be bringing you some ideas on home redecorating to enable you to think about getting your homes ready for Christmas.

Today we start with inspiration; from books to homes magazines and catalogues, there’s a plethora of images to inspire you when you’re looking to redo your home. We were thrilled to receive a review copy of Maison: Parisian Chic at Home by Ines de la Fressange and Marin Montagut.  The publishers very kindly permitted us to reproduce these images for you. We most loved the dining/seating options in the book; whenever you think of Paris, it is of sitting in cafes, enjoying a coffee, and watching the world go by. You can do that at home if you are lucky enough to have a balcony or patio on which to set up a pretty perch. Even if your world is just next door’s cat trying to get at a bird, you can watch it all feeling terribly sophisticated.

We also really loved the lack of matchy-matchy (our own pet loathing) with chic painted chairs and signature pieces. Really let your personality shine through in your choice of colours and maybe upcycle an item or two. If you actually like matchy-matchy then more power to you – YOU are the boss of you and what you have in your own home. However, if you want to inject a bit of Parisian chic into your life, look to this book for some great inspiration.

We don’t mind matchy-matchy in chairs if they’re as gorgeous as these.

Check out that chandelier.

Maison: Parisian Chic at Home by Ines de la Fressange and Marin Montagut (Flammarion, £30) is out now.

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