The home library of our dreams

We’re going into the weekend with some serious library-lust – take some tips from public libraries and utilise all your available space.

To say that this project is beautiful is a massive understatement; there isn’t a book-lover alive who wouldn’t love such a library in their home. Tan Yasin of IQ Glass, which installed the walkway and lift to create this upper level library space, told us: “The space was doubled by the addition of bridges with frameless glass balustrades, the minimal detailing provides an impression of floating glass – therefore the illusion of a bigger space. The frameless glass bridges were finished with an anti-slip coating to provide a safe surface for regular use. Space is a key component in today’s Libraries so glass bridges, complete with glass balustrades, saves space and allows natural light to shine through to maintain a light and airy space.”

Of course such a project isn’t cheap and, for many of us, will be the stuff of dreams. However, over the coming weeks, we’ll be looking at design-led projects that permit mere mortals to utilise space in the very best way, keeping book collections tidy, organised and safe. For now, feast your eyes on this: