Too hot at nights? You need this nightdress

Our founding editor Tania O’Donnell reviews a high tech fabric nightdress that keeps you cool and comfortable all night long…

Lads, let me tell you about perimenopause. It starts up to a decade before your actual menopause and has symptoms including feeling way too hot at times. Sleepless night can follow when, despite the nights getting colder now, you just can’t sleep because you’re too hot and sweaty – even if you sleep in the buff. Pregnant friends say they suffer from the same problem and, to be honest, it is something so many women  go through at different types of their cycle so it isn’t just a problem for those of us ageing disgracefully.

I must admit I baulked a little at the price of a Cucumber Clothing nightdress (£115) since you can get quite nice ones at half that price on the high street. However, what those poly mix satin type nighties do is trap your sweat against your skin and also I have to admit I regularly feel too ‘slippy’ in them. They’re certainly not made for comfort and usually only stay on me for an hour or two before bed and never in bed.

Cotton nighties are a bit better but then you get that heat issue. To be honest, having now worn and used the nightie for a couple of months, I am a convert and would happily spend that amount on a replacement when I need to get one. I’m also looking at getting a cami top for yoga.

The difference is that there’s some patented hoity-toity fabric that the nightdress is made from that wicks away sweat and keeps you cool in bed. The material is supersoft and anti-bacterial and doesn’t stretch or wreck itself in the wash. I’ve washed it a few times now and it is still as good as new.

You don’t have to be menopausal or perimenopausal to appreciate this nightdress. It has all the hallmarks of a HappilyTania classic – it is comfortable, stylish, great for relaxing or lounging in, and comes in a variety of sizes, both large and small. We got sent a nightdress to review for free, but we have since recommended it to several friends, giving it a big thumbs up. (Tania would like to remind her family that it is her birthday on Monday and this is really lovely.) You’ll also be supporting ethical fashion as the items by the company are 100% British made with fair practice throughout the supply chain. Well worth paying a wee bit more for.