Versailles is back… and we’re loving the disco interiors!

So did you see it last night? Get over to BBC iPlayer if you didn’t because Versailles is baaaack! Jostling with Poldark for our excitement levels, the camp, rompy, beautiful-looking drama is back on our screens so we can feast our eyes on the fickle, gorgeous egomaniac that was Louis XIV, played with aplomb by George Blagden.

This season the building and decor of Versailles is finally finished. Anyone who has undertaken a renovation or building project will completely empathise with Louis as the damn thing goes on for bloody ever. In episode one, aired last night, Louis was seen showing off the Hall of Mirrors, shot on location in the real Versailles.

Who doesn’t love a gold cherub? Photo credit: BBC/Canal+

We have no real evidence, but we reckon Versailles might be at least a wee bit responsible for the abundance of the colour gold in new homewares collections. Who wouldn’t want those lush interiors? I know I like a golden cherub on every surface in my house. Velvet chairs and opulent mouldings on walls may have gone out of fashion for everyone apart from those living in Mayfair, but I think they’re due a massive comeback.

Sit yourself down on that comfy chair, Leopold. Photo credit: BBC/Canal+

Yesterday’s episode showed what can happen when you bankrupt a country in the pursuit of war and chandeliers; we recommend a judicious google search to source interiors just as pretty but significantly less expensive. If you can’t stretch to draped silks and gold enamelling, how about a gold cheese grater or kettle? A little Louis does everyone good (well, unless you’re a peasant being forced to go to war, of course).

Next up, a Marie Antoinette cake. (No, not really.)